Kevin Trudeau Back On Air Pushing Books

by admin on January 25, 2010

I noticed this morning that Kevin Trudeau was back on the air with new infomercials. He was once again pushing a book that has the “cure” for cancer. This is amazing he was spinning every lawsuit into a “The Drug Companies are holding me down”, and “The Drug Companies Own the Government” and other awesome and unbelievable feats of trickery. He spun every lawsuit into freedom of speech. He claimed that Nutrasystem, Weight Watchers and others paid the government to sue him over his weight loss book and more. If you believe all that you will also believe that he wants to give you his books free if you pay $59.95 for his annual subscription to what a deal right? Here are some of the claims:

  • A diabetic cure used in Asia has been reported to cure people of diabetes and get them totally off insulin, virtually 92% of the time.
  • A Russian cure for breast cancer, completely eliminates the cancer in 30 days, 87% of the time.
  • A cure used in the Middle East for asthma gets people off their asthma medication 78% of the time in one week and 95% of the patients are completely asthma free within 30 days.

The claims are ridiculous and more than likely bullshit, however I am not a Doctor, wait neither is Kevin he is however a convicted felon who has had a lot of trouble with the FTC.  He is saying that because he got sued by the government that it proves his books are true and that they do not want you to know the truth. It’s sick to think about how many people are actually going to buy these books.

Lets talk about his diet book “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About” now he claims you can do it all from home but you need daily injections of a prescription drug that consumers cannot get easily.  These injections are based on Dr Albert Simeons who said that daily injections of the hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) and a 500 calorie diet would have great weight loss. Yes, I am sure they would since 500 calories is probably 4 to 5 times less than what you are eating right now. Now, why do we need a prescription when he said in the infomercial that prescriptions kill people?

During this infomercial he made several claims but has no proof of the claims, he provides anecdotal evidence, but has not produced evidence that any supposed customer claims have been evaluated by a medical practitioner. These are all testimonials not evidence. Lets look at one such “proof” he cited a 25-year research study involving a natural cure for diabetes at the University of Calgary. When he was confronted by Jake Tapper he insisted he had a copy and would give it, of course it never came up and now in his infomercials claims that the University of Calgary destroyed it so that the pharmaceuticals industry would not get upset.

Let’s get something clear, I hate the pharmaceuticals industry and I believe it is crooked however one thing I do know is scientists are scientists and believe in proof, I honestly do not believe that a study that could cure something that is killing people would not be released, or if it was not released a new “drug” would be created that would cure the problem.

At the end of the infomercial Kevin said he was getting sued again and not sure how long he would be on the air, hopefully not long, I am tired of the constant rants and raves of quacks who are really only out to steal your money.

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Michael Lantz February 7, 2010 at 3:28 am

I had the books a couple of years ago about cures.I don’t put much stock in what Kevin Trudeau says.I remember when he was running around promoting his Mega-Memory system back in 1994.I used to see his face on Infomercials back in the the late 90’s.I would do my best to stay away from him.

Smitty February 21, 2010 at 8:32 pm

A 200 lb man can walk off about 100 calories per mile. Walking is a good excercise.

By the way, posted a recent video regarding possible jail time for Kevin. See it here:

Kevin Trudeau

Smitty February 22, 2010 at 12:02 am

Yeah, a 500 calorie diet sure would result in weight loss! A standard weight loss diet is between 1200 and 1500 calories. Normal daily need is 1800-2500 calories.

By the way, a 200 lb man can burn about 100 calories by walking one mile.

Speaking of Kevin Trudeau, recently posted a video about the possibility of him serving jail time. See the video here:

CNN Kevin Trudeau story

Merlin March 16, 2010 at 8:08 am

All I can say is “Wow”. This post is hilarious. Maybe if you focused on learning and educating yourself on the subject of natural healing you would maybe have at least the slightest clue 0f what your babbling on about. Obviously you’ve been spending too much time worrying about all the non important issues that people who like to be filled with 24/7 drama and always have to be complaining about things rather than actually become educated. Who cares about Kevin’s personal life and the trouble he might get in to trying and save you from ending up in a hospital bed. That’s what he did for me, personally. Although I admit he is very passionate about his work and it’s annoying most of the time. He’s the real deal. Do the research and feel better than you’ve ever felt. He helped me literally come back from the dead and I owe a lot to that. Not through a book or an infomercial. But personally. And me and a lot of others are helping and watching people be cured of ailments and diseases after the doctor’s sent them home to die. There’s your proof. Now you have no argument against the facts. I am a standing living testimony that people are being cured all over the world. I am one of them. Without any drugs. It’s easier to complain about things that you just can’t understand than to say I just don’t know anything about the subject. It’s obvious by the post though to everyone that your not well educated in this field. I am. And so are a lot of my friends, family, and colleagues “co-workers” in laments terms. I know this probably won’t sway your opinion of Kevin but lets get real. You’ll never get close enough to him to see the color of his eyes. Let alone to confirm your hilarious accusations. All I’m saying is do the research Matt Jezorek. Not research on if Kevin Trudeau got a jay walking ticket today or not. Or if he might have not been a cub scout leader in the past. Your not a perfect person either and if we decided to post all the things you wouldn’t want people to know about you. You could look like the worst person in the world if we wanted you to. So it’s easy to complain, but to educate and actually have an intelligent response to a subject is an accomplishment. And one that will make you realize how wrong you really are. Hope you get everything straightened out with yourself. Sounds like you could use a girlfriend, or at least a hug or something. Anyways keep your head up, thing’s will get better for you if you listen more and talk less. “We don’t learn with our mouths open”. Famous quote from someone who researched before they spoke. Have a great day. I know I will.

p.s. – Just a little info on Chinese Medicine and diabetes. You’ve probably never came across anything like this. Obviously this is summarized. It would take you years to go through all the info I have on just diabetes. So I thought I would keep it as simple as I could for you. Being your first time researching something and all.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Aspects of TCM that have been found helpful in treating diabetes include acupuncture and a combination of herbs. The TCM approach is most effective with beginning and intermediate Type II diabetes and very early Type I diabetes. TCM is also effective in slowing down the process of neuropathy and improving circulatory problems. Acupuncture treatments focused on the spleen/pancreas can reduce the autoimmune reaction, as well. In addition, acupuncture can also help to improve overall function of the endocrine system, thus helping to prevent or reverse symptoms of diabetes that are aggravated by hormonal imbalances.

Chinese herbs can also help ease diabetic symptoms. Among the most useful herbs for this purpose are astragalus, rehmannia, and wild yam.

Also the huerque cactus can significantly help to lower elevated blood sugar levels. So much so, that the majority of his insulin-dependent Type II diabetes patients were eventually able to discontinue taking insulin after they started supplementing with huerque. However, that after about six months most patients` start to develop a tolerance to huerque, which reduces its effectiveness. It is recommended that patients stop using huerque for a month so that the tolerance wears off, and then start taking huerque again, repeating the month off process every four to six months from that point on. For better results, it is recommended that during the month off period, patients substitute their huerque use with nopal, another cactus-derived herb that also effectively reduces blood sugar levels. Both the huerque and nopal cactus in supplement form can be ordered through the Internet.

Good day friend.

nomad April 17, 2010 at 5:06 pm

Walking is better than any form of medicine including oriental medicine. There’s no magic cure, just walk, Kevin Trudeau is a snake oil sales man, that counter on his infomercial is fake, only a small number of suckers are buying his books enough to pay for airtime.

Joey Thompson June 4, 2010 at 3:43 am

Kevin is right. ALL you fools out there better get ready for the Obamanations takeover of healthcare. Just think in less than 5 years the Govt. will decide whether you live or die, That is unless you know how to let your body heal itself. No.. there is no magic cure for cancer, aids or even the common cold. BUT you can do things to keep you body in such good shape that you dont get sick, and if you do, your body can heal itself. Herbs, Chinese medicine, organic foods, distilled water, and exercise wont cure you of anything, but it will let your body do what it is supposed to do…. Live.

windingdown July 4, 2010 at 2:16 pm

Ha, Kevin Trudeau, I even found something I bought from him back in the early 80s how to train your DOG!! ANYONE remember that? Way back before his kind came on strong in trying to part you from your money. .

windingdown July 4, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Recession proof profits from your home, advertising profits from home scam? After doing reseach on this I agree SCAM! RESEARCH the extra tid bits they dont tell you about CAREFUL!

jonathan July 24, 2010 at 11:06 am


Jack September 1, 2010 at 4:12 pm

GEEZ…hey people calm down… I think Kevin is scamming people because anyone could write the junk he’s put out, but not everyone has written the stuff & put themselves out there promoting their products. So, if you think he’s a scam artist, don’t buy it. If he’s outright lying he’s paying for it with the law suits, possibly jail.
I do think he has a FEW valid points & it’s true that there are alternative treatments out there we just need to investigate them for ourselves. He definetly has a vendetta for the FTC. That’s all he talks about.. I think his passion comes from trying to “get back” at the FTC for throwing his ass in jail before. So, he keeps writing more junk all the time bad mouthing the FTC & FDC, other gov’t agencies.
I personally don’t think this dude should be living the high life..with a nice house a pool w filtered water, and all the fancy crap he’s said he has…not by ripping people off, if he goes on tv & is lying that is wrong. But if people buy it…he’s able to afford a good lifestyle I guess. Let’s all take care of ourselves and we should all investigate treatments as we need to. Wherever they are from. let this Kevin dude rot, ignore him. Plain and simple..Turn the channel like I do when I see his BIG nose on an infomercial!

brooke January 27, 2011 at 7:57 pm

Ok so I do not love Kevin T. A lot of what he says is a little exaggerated but based on truth.

You think our pharmaceutical industry wants us cured? Where is the profit in that? No they want to keep us medicated month after month. There is tons of corruption there and no you cannot trust scientists, when they are funded by the companies that need a certain outcome so they can sell their drug.

Prescription drugs are recalled and blatantly tell you they have side effects! Wake up people!

Why would you take something to get better, while hurting yourself at the same time?

Your body is a WHOLE UNIT. You cannot hurt yourself in one way, and not expect for it to affect the rest of your body. Think about it.

Natural Medicine, and Chinese Medicine… a lot of these remedies have been around for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. How long has your prescription been around for?

I say try a few natural remedies that have little to no side effects until you find something that works for you.. and you will 1) save your body from nasty side effects, 2) it will probably be cheaper, 3) typically with a few tries you will find something that works and not just be medicated – but actually cured.

Quoting the author:
“Let’s get something clear, I hate the pharmaceuticals industry and I believe it is crooked however one thing I do know is scientists are scientists and believe in proof, I honestly do not believe that a study that could cure something that is killing people would not be released, or if it was not released a new “drug” would be created that would cure the problem.”

– you just said the pharmaceutical industry is crooked and in the next statement you say you trust scientists and a drug would be created to cure. Contradictory don’t you think?

Walter Lefew March 12, 2011 at 8:39 pm

I listen to Kevin’s show every day, and his teaching has helped me generate wealth. I’m proud to be 23 and self employed, so that I never have to work (except now I end up working all the time on my passions which generates more wealth). BTW- Kevin Trudeau’s cures work, and I will never hate on a man for trying to make money. Money is a game, but the cures are real. I recommend you listen to the show at, and if you decide to join the global information network, use Affiliate Code – BeLikeWater

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