Canadian TV does special on Just Think Media

by admin on March 18, 2010

I just got an email with an update on the Just Think Media and Jesse Willms this is what it said. I highly recommend watching and stay put for some more news on the Just Think Media Lawsuit. I have been told updates are coming out and I will be reviewing them to see what else is going on.

On Saturday an extensive investigative news story by Canadian Television’s W5 team aired nationally in Canada. The target of the piece was Jesse Willms. You may want to have a look. Here’s a link for you to access the
video file: ‘Free trial’ offers that can end up costing hundreds

Now mind you I think this is a good report however we know that Roger is not as innocent as he comes off, he started the mess no fraudulent products had been made until after the deal was struck with Epic. So the report is biased which is okay but not all are innocent.

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