Episode #6 – Affiliate Marketing Profits from Home – Part 1

by admin on December 4, 2009

This is the first in our special series about making money with affiliate marketing, too much time we expose what companies and services to stay away from so now we want to give just basic information. I want to introduce you to affiliate marketing from someone who is not trying to sell anyone anything, the Anthony Morrison book gets you on the phone list to get called about upgrading and being coached and coming to conventions and so on and so on, this is a no holds bared full truth about affiliate marketing, what it is, what it’s not, how to do it, and more related information

I have decided to include the script and at the end of the series I will put it all together into a PDF so that you can download it.

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Show Notes

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • What are the Roles in Affiliate Marketing
    • Merchant
    • Network
    • Publisher
    • Customer
  • Payment Types and Information
    • CPL
    • CPC
    • CPA
    • CPM
  • When do I get paid?
  • How do I get paid?

Full Script

Hi, My name is Matt Jezorek some of you already know me because I run scamtimes.com recently there has been a lot of people who have found my site by my expose’ on the Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits from Home which is about affiliate marketing. I was not impressed with the book and what it would bring so I am working to bring this to you here. I want to introduce them to the affiliate marketing from someone who is not trying to sell anyone anything, the Anthony Morrison book gets you on the phone list to get called about upgrading and being coached and coming to conventions and so on and so on, this is a no holds bared full truth about affiliate marketing, what it is, what it’s not, how to do it, and more related information. During this series I will be taking the time to explain everything I can and more, if you have questions during this series you can contact me at matt@scamtimes.com and I will respond to your questions. Thank you for listening and enjoy the series.

The question what is affiliate marketing is probably in your mind or you have wondered this in the past and went out and learned about it some, I want to give you the definition of affiliate marketing and give you a break down on rolls and types of affiliate marketing and a little more information that should help you out. This segment of the series is called Just What Is This Affiliate Marketing Thing?

The definition of affiliate marketing from Wikipedia is this: Affiliate Marketing is an internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s marketing efforts. It is an application of crowd sourcing. [1]

Now in my terms this means that there are companies out there who will pay you to bring them customers, you become your own little marketing house and you get paid by how good you are at bringing traffic or customers. Now the definition says each visitor and I would argue that the majority of all the affiliate programs will need you to bring a customer and we will go over that when we discuss the payment methods affiliate marketing networks and programs will use and get you acquainted with the lingo of advertising and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing has 4 key rolls and they are as follows, the merchant, the network, the publisher and the customer. In all cases as an affiliate marketer you are the publisher and you are responsible for bringing the customer.

The merchant can be a variety of people or companies from large to small, Best Buy and other large corporation use affiliate marketing to bring more sales also smaller organizations and in some cases single people can use affiliate marketing and become the merchant if they have a product, so no matter what if they have a product for you to sell they are the merchant.

The network is an intermediary they bring the merchants to the publishers, you will normally sign-up with a network like Linkshare or Commission Junction and they will give you all the Merchant programs you can join, however this is not the only way to find merchants, you can go and individually find affiliate programs for pretty much any niche you are looking in. You can do this with Google mining and search for niche name +affiliate program. This will get rid of the network but to me networks are very important because I do not need to look for all my merchants, they also provide valuable tools for deep linking and some merchants upload creatives etc.

The Publisher? Well thats you, your job is to do just that publish marketing offers or finding new ways to market products provided by the merchant and network, this can be by pay-per-click advertising, creating niche sites like described in Niche Blitzkrieg which is the method of affiliate marketing I recommend, and there are many other options on how to market. Some methods that are recommended by other programs I strongly recommend not doing, such as: Craigslist spamming, spam emails, cookie stuffing and more.

The customer is anyone who wants to buy something which means we are all customers and more than likely 99% of the time an affiliate has already made money on each and every one of us if we have ever purchased anything online.

So that is the 4 roles of affiliate marketing, next we are going to talk about some lingo and payment methods that affiliate offers will present, we will go over the following terms, CPL, CPC, CPA, and CPM

CPL stands for Cost Per Lead and what that means to the affiliate marketer is this, some merchant will pay you for every lead generated from one of your leads, it could be sign-up for an email list, or fill out a simple form. It will not need a purchase, some of the leaders in CPL is insurance companies they will pay you for someone who fills out a form for a quote or fills out an application, it could be a short or long form. These typically pay a few bucks but sometimes more. These can be good to promote if you can find a good niche because it costs nothing to the customer. These can be great and high conversions if you can get the traffic and clicks to support it.

CPA stands for cost per action, this normally means a purchase and what 90% of all affiliate marketing offers come down to, such as I could say I will pay you 10% of all sales generated from your website, so anytime someone comes to your website clicks a link and buys something you get 10% this can be huge rewards if you have the right niche and are offering the right items. Now mind you in all affiliate marketing if you can not get the traffic you will not make money. I have seen some offers that combine Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Action together taking our insurance quote above, you may get paid $10 dollars for someone filling out a quote request and $25 for everyone who purchases the insurance leading you to a $35 dollar pay out.

CPC stands for cost per click, these are rare but they do exist in some cases, Cost Per Click means you will get X amount of money each time someone clicks on your ad, if you are creating niche sites and doing affiliate marketing you can also ad AdSense to your website or other advertising and get a little money anytime someone clicks on an ad on your site, this is how I make the majority of my money on scamtimes.com.

CPM stands for Cost Per Milli which is roman for Thousand its simple the Merchant or Advertiser will pay you X amount of money for every thousand impressions of the ad, this will also be used in most cases to decide the worth of an offer you are running. So combined with the Cost Per Click you can easily decide if you are spending too much money promoting an offer.

That wraps up the 4 terms you will need.

So now we can talk a little bit about money, one of the things asked often is when do I get paid? Depending on the network but in most cases you will get paid monthly for any sales generated the previous month, now most of these networks have a minimum you must reach to get paid for example $50 or $100 dollars. This means you must make this before a check is cut. While at first this can seem to be a problem once you get the hang of things you will be getting this every month. Affiliate marketing will only make what you put into it, so you must do your research, and put in the work to gain from affiliate marketing. In most cases a check will be cut but some affiliate networks will pay via direct deposit or even PayPal.

However do not limit yourself to networks, you should reach out and look at other programs that may be direct with the Merchant, these can sometimes be more beneficial then the offers from the networks, the networks just make it easier to get started.

This wraps up the first installment of Affiliate Marketing Profits from Home with Matt Jezorek, for more information about this program you can visit scamtimes.com. Tune in next week when we will discuss Why people fail!

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

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