Reputation Repair Services? Legal Action against crying Scam? SEO has a new name!

by admin on September 29, 2010

New services come up all the time normally they are called different things each time but generally do the same things. As I was reading some news articles I found one that linked to a blog that claimed that cyberspace does not forget, and this is true. This article also claimed that if people are calling out a scam they are more than likely a soulless miscreant sociopath. I was surprised that they nailed me so quickly. Because I have a vendetta against everyone who is trying to steal hard-earned money from people by not living up to what they promise.

I get a lot of attacks against me as a person and how I am stupid and ignorant and that I only push my agenda and the only reason I call these things scams is because I am lazy and do not put forth the effort or maybe even because I do not get paid for them. Here are some truths. I call a scam a scam if it promises but does not deliver, if it is claimed that you can make X amount of money with no work then I expect that to be the case. From that claim you cannot defend it by saying you did not work hard enough. I was told there was no work. The other truth is everything out on the internet has some form of affiliate marketing available which means I could get paid for it. However I choose to promote the ones that I feel takes good care of the customer and deliver what is promised.

Now on to this repair services, apparently for a few grand someone could pay to get content generated that would use search engine optimization techniques to push the bad comments to the ground, and while this may sound good it will not work in most cases. This has been tried against this site many times from what I have seen yet it has not pushed me to the bottom yet. Hopefully one day it will. These services are also recommended to people if you are “new” to the internet and want people to quickly find your site, get a grip people SEO services under a new banner.

But to me this is just another scam, and one more tool that scammers are using to try to steal your money. Why do people hate me and this site? It’s because it works, because readers come and read my garbage writing style and somehow connect to the fact that I cannot spell and my grammar sucks and they get some information they need or are looking for. This does not go well with the scamsters and I understand why.

They claim that people crying scam are out to slow down the churn of innovation, if that is the case then why are most of these scams just remakes of the same old thing, no innovation, no stroke of genius just flat-out lies.

So, they go on to say that if that does not work the reputation repair company can suggest a forensic expert who can discover who is writing the blog and put together a lawsuit and sue them into correction. Now, most people who are outing scams and writing on their blogs about scams do not make much money or do not have any methods of fighting back legally so when they get a deist letter they just give in and remove the content. This is what they want and it allows them to win easily, what they really do not want is you to fight back so we must.

One thing I can say is my information is clear on this site about who runs, and writes these articles and I am easily found.  So if you are writing about scams and the people who run them I recommend sticking with the truth, keeping your own opinions out as much as possible and back everything up with research, I have had many people asking me how I handle the legal issues and I always tell them, research then write, and the truth is very easy to defend. Keep exposing them and maybe we should work together on a legal defense fund somehow and start fighting back at the same game they play.

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Rob October 3, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Keep doing what your doing, we love it!

Kathy October 21, 2010 at 9:20 am

I have a question Does any of the internet/ Do from home etc..s work? Are they all SCAMS. I have purchased some that are very complicated it sits in my closet today (two years later) I have another that i just got and it is one of the one you call a Scam. i agree I doubt the claims of how much how fast. I even knew that when i pulled out my credit card. I thought it’s concept and how it apeeared to be laid out might be good for a newbie first me:) . Nevertheless It was simpler reading and is plausible to make money. It will take me to do the work to make money.
My additional question to you is, If any do work (no quick money maker all things take work) then what are the proffesional or personnaly?y and do you make money or have any affiliation with them?

ralph ergas May 9, 2011 at 12:09 pm

Concur – these people make too little money and have nothing better to do with their time. Get a life before it is over and you are 10 feet under. Nothing much will matter at that point. And give away as much of your stuff as you can or sell it to some other idiot. You cannot take that with you either. Not much room in the coffin.

Gerard Dominick June 28, 2011 at 12:59 pm

I have always been a purveyor of truth and what is right, but, what about the people that make up lies about a business or a person? Our amendment rights are strong but slander just because you can is wrong no matter how you look at it. I am the first to call out a company for unethical practices or unethical treatment but I also have to look at the ability of liars and hypochondriac complainers to write online content that is false.

I have a creative and marketing company and have been consulting a very well respected roofing business for the last month and half. I was brought int o help launch their new websites and develop new marketing materials. This company has a flawless A+ BBB Rating and has the support of all the major vendors (GAF, Owens Corning etc.). It seems a few years ago, a disgruntled employee decided to write a complaint on the website The Ripoff Report. That gentleman (a few weeks later) recanted his statements because it was proven in court that he had no grounds to slander the company for any reason and was found guilty of this in court. Now – that website wants the company that was slandered, to pay to have that negative content removed. Now – explain to me how that practice is ethical? Why is right for a business like the Ripoff Report able to extort money from a business or individual after it is proven that the complaints and allegations were false? If you believe in your freedom of speech rights then you should abide by the right to a fair trial in the US – and this case – a company being found innocent of any wrong-doing .

I have seen the daily practices of this company and watched how the president works with his customers, employees and vendors, and it is disturbing to me that this has effected his business. What is even more appalling to me is that anyone can use a “soapbox” like Ripoff Report to fabricate a story or information without any basis of truth or fact – and then be strong armed to pay to have those false statements removed.

I am all for stopping businesses and individuals who are scam artists from cheating, stealing and abusing consumers – but – there has to be a way to stop businesses like the Ripoff Report from doing the same type of unethical practices that they claim to be an advocate for.

Thank you for your time.

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