Matt JezorekThis is a reporting and investigative site run by Matt Jezorek in hopes of finding and shaking scams and shams out into the open and exposing the people behind them. We will not stop digging till we know the truth and what is going on.

We will also be providing tips and tricks on how to spot a scam or sham as well as how to correct everything if you have been a target of a scam.

All posts here are compilations of my research and the research of others, some data is weaned from other sites to put it all together and I try to link to each site when I do so, All posts are the expressed opinion of the author and we can not tell the true intention of any particular person or company. I am expressing the right to free speech. (I think Kevin tried to sue the FTC saying that it was his free speech).

You can contact me via email at matt@scamtimes.com or via snail mail at

2083 Lake Dr
Winston Salem, NC 27127

If you have a complaint or feel that you are misrepresented you have the right to explain yourself via comments or we can run an interview and article with your points of view. This is all about the right to express yourself. However like I always say “it is what it is”.

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